Hourai zushi

Soy sauce flavored sliced raw bonito (fish) and salted whitebait rice bowl ¥1,080(tax inclusive)
(served with soup with Hitohame seaweed and plum)
Raw bonito, soaked with home made soy sauce, is assorted with salted whitebait.

Cutlass fish rice bowl (grilled)/ Cutlass fish tempura rice bowl
Enjoy cutlass fish grilled, or deep-fried.
Sushi with Hitohame sea-weed.
Hitohame is a kind of Wakame sea-weed, a specialty of Tanabe bay.
We serve the vegetables from our own field
Address 18-12 Minato ,Tanabe
Phone 0739-22-0834
Business hours 10:00AM~9:00PM
Regular closing day Monday
Parking lot Ordinary car 10 cars
Number of seats Counter table 23 seats private room, parlor 80 seats