Ichiyoshi Dining house

Gorgeous assort of Otsukuri (raw fishes)
Fresh raw fishes of the season is abundantly assorted. We serve also a variety of hot pot dishes like Shabu-shabu pot of Kumano beef.
Two kinds of Agara don:
Served with Japanese soup (a mini bowl of Udon noodle can be selected for additional 200 yen). A variety of side dishes, like raw fish, tempura, or freshly boiled whitebait, are available.

● Zeitaku tendon ¥980 (tax inclusive)
Tempura rice bowl
( Rice bowl with tempura of cutlass fish, shrimp and vegetables)

● Kaisen Chirashi zushi of Kumano rice ¥ 950 (tax inclusive)
Grilled local pork rice bowl
Address 13-6 Minato,Tanabe
Phone 0739-26-6811
Business hours 5:00PM~3:30AM
Regular closing day none